The Cure For Coronavirus Quarantine Bordem - Small Animals & Catching Bugs

March 27, 2020

n the wake of the Coronavirus, I found myself trying to focus on work, my family, hobbies, and overall the state of the world. Being one of the fortunate ones, I found that I had an amazing career at ChargeAfter, 2 wonderful kids, and so much more; yet, I continuously found myself worrying about the current state of the world. For those of who know me, know that I’m a low stress type of person (being in sales, you pretty much have to be), but the recent state of affairs in the global economy made me feel a little more on edge than normal. Recently, I have stumbled across the best escape from reality, the next iteration of the series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

This new game, although simple, is the perfect distraction from this crazy world. You start out by being sent across the ocean to a deserted island (good luck flight now a days) where you are destined to essentially consume products while repeating mundane tasks such as fishing, catching bugs, and digging for fossils… and I can’t get enough of it.

My average day consists of 10-12 hours a day of working, topped by family time, and then I might have a good few hours to spend some quality time with my wife or a solid game, which recently has been Animal Crossing. The recent events in the world have had my constant attention on the news, mortgage rates, and all the terrible things that are happening on a day to day basis. I attempted several avenues to distract myself, but still found myself stressing in the back of my mind, but this seemed to do the trick.

Perhaps it’s the fact that these mundane tasks are a way to rinse, cycle, and repeat in a low stress way to make it feel like a sense of normalcy for a few hours of the day. Next, it’s the need to consume as a human being. Although I wouldn't consider myself a minimalist, I do consider myself to be a purposeful buyer to the point that I’ve probably spent only $150 on clothes the past 12 months. With that said, the feeling on consumption does, at times, help relieve some stress. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a system to where you complete, said mundane tasks, to collect items, sell them to purchase new items for your home, and then upgrade your home when you run out of room. And yes, before you ask, you also get a mortgage (luckily with no interest rate).

There has been a few articles mentioning how video games have been a relief to people’s need to consume entertainment, as well as a way for people to stay connected. To put this in perspective, the industry has seen a 75% increase in video game usage and the battle to find some physical hardware, such as the Nintendo Switch. For those in the Esports industry, most people have their platform of choice, whether it be a PC from Cybertron or an Xbox. For those of you looking to make an escape you may be a bit out luck though.

As mentioned in other articles that I’ve written, the Esports industry is on an upswing, and with professional sports cancelled, there is a real opportunity for you, YES YOU, to go out there and try something new. Pick up a game for PC, see if you can get a Switch online and delivered, or just watch something on Gamer-One to get an idea of what’s out there!