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Content Manager

Team Benign - Remote (Anywhere)

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Who Are We?

Team Benign are a new Esports and gaming team, founded in the UK with members spread around the world. We plan to be active on several social media sites to build the Team Benign brand.

Job Description

As Content Manager for Team Benign, you will be in charge of planning and coordinating content for social media. You will partake in regular online meetings to set out a road map for the content needed in the near future. In these meetings you will liaise with the management team to discuss future projects, whereby you are encouraged to come up with suggestions. After the meeting you will know what needs doing and when it needs completing by. Then it’s up to communicate with the team to gather anything you may need for the project. This job is commission based; upon successful completion of projects you will be paid a commission on a monthly basis. This commission may fluctuate depending on the amount of work you’re required to do.


  • Good knowledge of social media platforms ( YouTube, Twitter, Instagram & TikTok etc)
  • Understand the gaming community and keep up with trends within the community
  • Be able to meet deadlines when required
  • Have good communication and people management skills in order to successfully execute projects
  • Must be English speaking
  • No previous experience or qualifications are necessary however any experience will be beneficial