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Game Producer

SEGA - Irvine, CA

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At Sega, our focus is on creating memorable experiences for our fans. Your role as Game Producer will be to not only deliver a great game, but to keep your project on track and on budget. First, you’ll play an essential role in guiding the game through the greenlight process, convincing the management team that the project is worthy of investment. You’ll accomplish this through carefully laid plans and schedules, and by identifying the resources necessary for successful completion of the project. It will take thoughtful collaboration with marketing, business planning, and sales to justify the product’s existence and its features.

Utilizing the best practices you’ve acquired through previous production experience, you’ll establish effective working relationships with internal and externals teams, including production management, marketing, and QA. Once development kicks off, you’ll work closely with the external studio to review milestones and provide feedback to deliver a product that meets or exceeds the established criteria for success. Meanwhile, you’ll maintain visibility across all stakeholders through timely and effective communication all the way through launch and into the post-launch strategy.

If you think you have what it takes to produce the next Sega classic—then tell us your story for an opportunity to write the next exciting chapter.

You should apply for this job if…

  • you have at least 5 years combined experience in an AP or Producer role within the game industry
  • you are highly organized, love bringing order to chaos, and keeping people in the loop.
  • you can throw together a production schedule in a heartbeat.
  • you are a wiz at commonly used tools, such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Jira
  • you have a proven track record of delivering successful projects in collaboration with external development partners
  • you are familiar with development methodologies and terminology, as well as first party policies and processes
  • you have an uncanny ability to anticipate problems and mitigate risk
  • you have experience coordinating one or more of the following: focus testing, play testing, voice recording, localization, or QA
  • you have a love for games, but a special place in your heart for Sega’s classics

In the SEGA Production Department, you will spend your days…

  • gathering and digesting information about your project to figure out how big the project is and how much work it will take to complete.
  • making sure your games see the light of day by driving game concepts through the internal approval and publishing process as the product owner.
  • acting as the product owner and making sure everyone understands the vision and nature of the product in your care.
  • building resourcing plans and schedules for approval by your managers and alignment with your dev teams.
  • Understanding, monitoring, and providing detailed feedback on the milestones being undertaken by the external partner.
  • making sure everything gets done, whether it means coordinating communications, building and distributing documentation, making arrangements with external support vendors, or reviewing bug reports.
  • Ensuring readiness and completeness of deliverables before submitting and presenting them to the Creative Director for feedback and approval
  • coordinating with QA to make sure the quality of the product is assured, vetting issues, and providing direction.
  • providing proactive guidance and engaging with marketing on external activities related to your product.
  • keeping the schedules accurate and up-to-date and communicated outwardly regularly.
  • making sure people understand what makes your game fun, compelling, interesting, and unique.
  • building post-mortem lookbacks on your project for the benefit of yourself and the group.
  • playing the games and generating feedback and insight as needed.
  • making sure best practices and policy is followed and implemented within your projects.
  • getting in front of fans and media to talk about and promote your product at tradeshows and media tours.
  • researching competitive products, staying abreast of industry trends, and identifying platform strengths and opportunities to ensure the competitiveness and viability of your game in the marketplace
  • other duties as assigned.

Sometimes, we need to send you places, so be prepared to…

  • regularly travel domestically to visit our studio partners, and internationally 1-2 times / year.
  • attend media and consumer events a couple times a year.