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Stream Team Manager

Team Xplicit - Remote, OR, USA

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About Us

Team Xplicit, LLC is an up and coming gaming organization established in 2019. Our goal is to grow and reach as many people as we can in this industry with not only our style of play but to show our commitment to providing everyone with top-notch content. We are also dedicated to creating a great atmosphere for our players and empowering them to exceed past their own limits and spur outstanding performances while partaking in the tournaments in the league. While coming from diverse backgrounds, the players of Team Xplicit are driven by common pursuits; a passion for gaming, a thirst for competition and a desire to share our excitement and experiences.


Job Role

Your role as Team Xplicit's Stream Team Manager is as follows: You'll be tasked with recruiting new Streamers and Managing current streamers in the Organization.



  • Scout new streamers to represent Team Xplicit
  • Manage Stream Team
  • Collaborate with Content Manager, Social Media Manager and Upper Management in making content the represents the Organization in a positive manner
  • Make certain that all streamers representing Team Xplicit in a professional manner
  • Work directly with Upper Management to discuss business needs
  • Acquire clips and other forms of content from Streamers


  • Must have Management Experience
  • Must have good communication skills (verbal & writing)
  • Must have a background in esports (Must understand sports)
  • Must actively follow esports news and updates
  • Must be self-motivating, organized, able to manage their time, and have a professional attitude.
  • Must have good general computers skills (Word, Excel, etc)
  • Must represent the organization in a positive manner


Benefits of Joining Our Team

With this being a volunteer position, we would like to put your mind at ease. You will be working with like-minded individuals who all have the same goal and are passionate about what they do. We are all working towards the same goal

You will be supported no matter what. This Org is a brotherhood/sisterhood and we strive to keep the environment as "toxic free" as possible. (Everyone will have access to our Code of Conduct and are fully aware of what our Culture is to be and how our members are to represent us as a whole)


More Information

Submit your resume and/or additional information that you would like us to see and to take into consideration.

The interview will take place on Discord so be sure you are familiar with how it works because this is how we will be communicating amongst our members.


Thank You for Applying and we look forward to speaking with you.

Please be aware that this is a VOLUNTEER position for the time being.