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Director eSports - Charleston, SC

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We are seeking a Director of eSports to establish our club as a national competitor in eSports. This position will be responsible for building a culture of values, understanding of what the standard is to be a nationally competitive club, selecting and hiring coaches and determining the platform, games and competitions we compete in. The position will report to the Club Director and Parent Company Advisor/Advisory Board. An ideal candidate will enable the club to replicate its platform in multiple cities and will have both national international playing and coaching experience.

We are seeking an individual with a combination of skills and experience:

  • National and international (club) playing and coaching experience
  • Long-term experience coaching male and female gamers at various age levels
  • Strong, technical knowledge of the game for multiple platforms and games
  • Strong ability to collaborate with and mentor a wide variety of coaches and gamers, from entry-level through to experienced
  • Well known in the eSports community and able to engage others to promote our technical development
  • Love for eSports and a desire to continue to grow the sport

This is a hands-on role with a minimum level of administrative activities. Responsibilities will include:

  • Guiding the Club Director to develop a stronger platform program at all age levels.
  • Working with our Club Director who oversees our program and complementary programs (physical training, mental training) to ensure we train the whole athlete
  • Reviewing and refining the skills syllabus used by the club and developing other coaching resources (coaching manual, skills videos, etc.).
  • Overseeing the direction of the Club and company
  • Coordinating a team of qualified mentor coaches who assist the Director with hands-on delivery of our technical program
  • Recruiting coaches
  • Visiting teams/coaches to provide mentoring and to assist with practices and reporting back to the Club Director on issues and concerns
  • Assessing the skills and experience of coaches, tracking their development, and guiding/supporting coaches in their technical growth
  • Facilitating tryouts and team selections
  • Conducting coach and gamer skill clinics, recruiting guest coaches to assist
  • Assisting coaches whose teams are competing in key events
  • Attending executive meetings and providing critical input on club strategic planning

This is a paid position with benefits. We reserve the right to offer compensation commensurate with skills, experience and certification level.

Position will start latest April 1 and is subject filling at least 10 players in the age group that best fits your skill and experience.

Base: $75,000.00 per year
Benefits, Bonus, Expenses (approved)