Why Aren’t There More Women in Esports?


Why Aren’t There More Women in Esports?

March 9, 2020

Eports has taken over the world. Esports, also known as electronic sports, is a video game version of competition. With the large surge of live streaming while gaming that has happened over the last five years, Esports have made their way into mainstream popularity. There are now thousands of online and offline tournaments popping up all around the world.

A large percentage of people admit to being gamers. If half the world’s population is female, why are we not seeing more women in the Esports industry? This a huge chunk of a global demographic that is being cut out of this booming community.

Why Don’t Women Get As Much Recognition?

This goes far beyond the Esports world. Women have almost always been underrepresented in more “manly” industries in the past. Sports, business, and politics have proven this time and time again. With more education on the topic and more women stepping into the “man’s world,” it’s time to start seeing a larger group of women in Esports.

There are a small amount of women that play on professional teams with men. For example Diane “di^v^” Tran plays on CLG Red, a male Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. This shows that women can hang with the best of the best on men’s teams.

There have also been women-only tournaments that have begun to pop up around the world. Traditionally, this has always been the case as major sports teams also follow this tactic. For now, this is a good opportunity to invite more women to start playing, as long as they’re getting the same amount of coverage as men’s tournaments.

Women’s tournaments may seem like a way to disregard women in Esports, but it would actually give them a space to feel safe and welcomed to play. When you think about Esports tournaments today, there’s a large amount of men, usually under the age of 30, that come to watch. Not many women would feel comfortable in that kind of environment. This is why it’s important women have their own Esports tournaments in order to encorage more girls to watch in an inviting environment.

There is no shortage of great female Esports players. Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn, a female StarCraft II player, and Katherine “Mystik” Gunn, a female Halo player, are some of the top players in the world. There’s also Julia “juliano” Kiran who has beaten one of the top CSGO male gamers in a one-on-one. Although these are some of the best women in the world, the challenge is still the same. There aren’t enough women in Esports because it’s yet another male-dominated field that women have to break into. In order for Esports to move forward, it needs to fairly represent the other half of its demographic.